Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Research on Microwave Transformers

As most people who know me are aware, I can be somewhat of a scavenger.  I recently came across two microwave ovens that were slated for the junk pile.  Inside of these things are a high voltage capacitor and a high voltage transformer that can be very useful for a variety of fun projects from building an arc welder to making a high powered electromagnet.  I believe that the first thing I am going to build is a device for burning Lichtenberg figures into wood.  Because of the inherent dangers of using high voltage I am going to do plenty of research ahead of time.  Below are some links for my own reference while working on these projects.  If anyone else is thinking of doing any of these projects, please look through the links below and thoroughly research the safety measures required when using high voltage.  It can and will kill you if handled improperly.

Here are a few links describing the process of burning Lichtenberg figures:

Here is a link on wiring MOTs (Microwave Oven Transformers):

Here are some other projects that can be done using MOTs and MOCs:

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