Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shop Wall

My most recent project was to frame out part of the back wall in my shop.  Because my house, like many of the homes in this area, was built using concrete mixed from river rock and river sand, the concrete that forms the basement wall is starting to crumble due to the organics in the mixture.  I have had this looked at by a structural engineer, and he said that while it doesn't pose an immediate threat to the structural integrity of the house, in the long run it will continue to decay and will eventually cause a problem.  We have constructed a 6ft deep and 3 ft wide french drain around the back of the house to divert most of the water that accelerates this process, but I thought that a little extra support on the back wall of the basement wouldn't hurt either.  In addition, this wall will allow me to build a little extra shelving for storage as well as an extension table for my radial arm saw that will live in front of this wall.  I have already created a PDF with pictures and descriptions for this project, so instead adding all the pictures to this blog, I will just put a link to the PDF here.  Also, here is a picture of the finished project:

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